How can you apply for the academic year 2019/2020? 7th graders have the option to continue their high school education in another school or continue their studies at their current school. Documents are submitted to the respectively established commission at the home school of the student.

When will the entrance exams 2019 take place?

Bulgarian language and literature 17.06.2019

Mathematics 19.06.2019

What documents need to be submitted to the Admissions Commission?

Documents need to be submitted to the commission, locally organized in your school. The necessary papers are as follows:

A certificate for Primary Education- 7th grade (original and a copy)

Statement from the school (original) with the grades from Bulgarian and Literature, and Mathematics exams

Health Certificate (original and a copy) – only for professional schools. Applicant’s ID. Documents are submitted by students in the presence of their parent/s.

Due date 03.07 – 05.07.2019

What importance does the list arranged according to your most desired courses have?

Regardless of the exam scores, the courses must be arranged in an order corresponding to your actual desired ranking. This means: on first place you indicate the most desired course, on 2nd place-your next desired course, etc. There is no limit within the number of the indicated courses, you can add all of the announced if you wish.

Placement is based on the order of your desired courses, depending on the general score of all applicants who wish to be enrolled for these courses.

Is it possible to apply with the documents online? Yes, this will be possible at: or The system log-in will be accessed by an incoming number and an access code, given in the school statements of the students, received by their school. E- application will be possible to submit from your personal pc.

Recommendations for online submissions

Document submission into the e-system is only possible once!

Upon selection of one of our courses-Programming Provision and Application Programming, provision of a HEALTH CERTIFICATE IS OBLIGATORY.

No selection for a vocational course will be registered upon placement without a provided valid health certificate When are the results from first placement announced?

The results are announced by 11.07.2019 in the school of the applicant and in the application website.

When and what documents need to be provided upon enrollment? Admitted students can be registered from 12.07.2019 to 16.07.2019 and this is the same due date for submission of a statement for a second placement from 16.07.2019 inclusive. The necessary documents for enrollment are:

You need to provide the following original documents: A certificate for completed 7th grade. A school statement showing the exam scores. Original Health certificate

Documents which you need to fill in upon registration in our school

Registration statement, which you’ll receive by the commission responsible for receiving documentation

Documents, which you will receive from the commission, enrolling the students

I’m admitted but not in the most desired course. What should I do?

Students, admitted in a course stated as second or next in their wish list, have the following options:

· To register in the school at which they are admitted

· To apply for a second placement, meanwhile keeping their place from the first placement

The application for the 2nd placement must be submitted in the school, at which the applicant is admitted. You may not rearrange your wish order but your place from the first placement is guaranteed! Experience shows that 2nd placement can change no more than 1-2 places in the ranking. This means that you have a chance to move forward with your place only in case that your score differs from the score of the last admitted in your desired course applicant with several hundredths or thousandths

Second placement results are announced on 18.07.2019!