The team of The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovations congratulates Stanislava Andonova and Magdalena Omayiska from 8v on their patience, ambition and drive to do their best both at the school and national stage of the “Steps of Knowledge. Bulgarian Language and Literature” competition and to demonstrate that the students from this school have developed interests not only the IT field but also in the humanities, thus broadening their horizons and knowledge about the history and culture of various epochs. The girls demonstrated consolidated competences in all the three stages of the competition. The tests checked the acquisition of the material from the 7th, as well as the 8th grade. It seems that the second stage, where they had to write an essay, posed the greatest challenge to them. Nevertheless, their performance was brilliant, as they showed excellent knowledge of the mediaeval culture and broad understanding of the matter.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! Keep raising the prestige of our school!