The place to study technology? With us, of course

The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovations was represented at the “Where to study? 2019” Demo Forum. Assisted by Pepper the humanoid robot, Raya, Yavor and Stoyan presented to 7th grade students the school and the job of Programmer. The presentation demonstrated both specialties in the Vocational School – Applied Coding and Software Maintenance.

Solving the numerous and complex problems in the computer systems is done through multiple running of lots of program codes. Such a sequence of systematized and logically connected codes is called a program.  To realize all the potential of the computer systems complex programs are needed that bring the complex information tasks down to a finite number of simple commands and instructions meant for the end-users.  This element of the computer complex is called Software. Software is of enormous importance for the development of the Computer systems. As of now the development of program tools for the computer systems is a powerful industry, and the software industry even provides more jobs and higher income than the hardware industry.

The market for software products demands fulfilling individual projects intended for companies or a group of users of a similar type. This requires the making of applied software that loads on all sort of devices, and this industry is among the most dynamically growing ones in the sector.

The partner-companies of our school are consultants on the syllabuses for the school subjects and practical classes, they organize and finance the work in the school’s practical training company, provide lecturers from their companies who do the practical training and mentoring of the projects prepared by the students. We currently have collaboration with the following  companies, firms and organizations: „Bulpros Consulting”, „EPAM Systems Bulgaria“, „Scale Focus, „Imperia Online”, „Musala Soft“,  „TechnoLogica“, Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, and Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT).

We would be glad to welcome to our school  children who love technology, and will devote all their time and energy to rush headlong into this adventure called Programming!